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We are Magic Button Films


Based out of Toronto, Magic Button Films has the elements and relationships in place to bring any project to life. Specializing in development and production, MBF focuses on creating a smooth process to create the best possible project while maintaining creative vision.

So, let’s create some Magic.



Yair Karlberger - Writer / Producer / Creator

Daniel Govia - Producer / Director


Yair Karlberger

When he immigrated from Europe, Yair propelled himself into the world of screenwriting and producing, and went on to create Magic Button Films to bring his dream career to life. He recently workshopped his series pilot in the Sundance collab Pilot Course led by Sam Ernst (Netflix’s “Daredevil”) and received the Entertainment Law Certificate from Osgoode School of Law. Each a step towards bettering himself as a writer-producer and to elevate his next projects.

Yair’s scripts have been selected in competitions such as SAVE THE CAT! Screenplay Challenge, Action On Film Writers’ Competition, Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards and Oaxaca Film Fest, where his feature is a top 10 finalist for ‘Best Action’ Screenplay.


Daniel Govia

Daniel’s interests reside in storytelling, art and architecture. Pop culture, fashion, comic books, and photography are of great influence on his creativity. Five years ago, Daniel Govia became co-owner of Magic Button Films, where he and his partner; Yair Karlberger, have built a creative partnership and are fast on the rise.

As a creator and executive producer, Daniel oversees the creative management of Magic Button Films projects from development through to delivery. Over the years Daniel has developed successful relationships with other production companies and partners both in North America and abroad on a variety of projects and genres.

After completing an internship at Warner Bros Canada where he learned distribution and marketing, Daniel worked at the Toronto Film Studio and freelanced for production companies such as Spyfilms and The Field, where he started directing commercials and Music Videos.

Daniel has directed various short films, and had the opportunity to direct the teaser and proof of concept for the series Neon Nights. This is just the beginning for this promising young filmmaker who is focused on making feature films and television.